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Monday, January 19, 2009


Who can’t use a little boost every now and again to spark some creativity and motivation? Here are a couple of favorite quotations about writing. The first one addressees the art of writing, the second, the business end of it. Though differing in tone, verbiage and audience, each is eloquent in its own right.

The first quote is by Duke of Buckinghamshire Sheffield (1649–1720), in his Essay on Poetry:

Of all those arts in which the wise excel,
Nature’s chief masterpiece is writing well.

The second, attributed by various sources to director Oliver Stone and author Tom Clancy among others, is snappy and succinct:

Writing = ass in chair

Whoever wrote it, I’d just like to make one comment: perfect.


  1. I kinda wish I had come up with that last one myself. I do know there are times when you have your "A" game and other times when you don't. On the days when you don't, you are much like the starting pitcher who is left in the game despite not having his best "stuff" because there's no one else available to do the job on that particular day. Such was the case recently for me and, sadly, I don't have a "bullpen." The end result? The ass was in the chair!

  2. Here's a quote !
    guess who and when

    For what is the best choice, for each individual is the highest it is possible for him to achieve.


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