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Saturday, January 10, 2009


I’m Russ J. Stacey, a writer, copy editor, proofreader, and all-around pretty decent guy. Welcome to my blog.

A native New Yorker, I’ve written pretty much all my life: short stories, poetry, scripts, comedy sketches, and other creative urges that overtook me in the early days. I did it for fun, because I was good at it and because, yes, I had to. I first received "real" compensation (translation: $) for my scribblings in 1996, thus officially making me a professional scribe.

A year or so later I snagged a copywriter position with a local advertising agency in Orlando, Florida, soon after moving here from Albany, New York. I was soon a senior copywriter leading a team of three junior writers. After that, I wrote content part time for a local Web site, freelanced for a tourism magazine and tried to find gigs wherever I could, all while working survival jobs to pay the bills. I returned to school, Rollins College Hamilton Holt School, and got my English degree at night. More survival jobs ensued while freelancing on the side until I jumped into it whole hog. When not writing ad copy, marketing materials, press releases and corporate literature, some of the topics I specialize in for various publications are arts and culture, home builders and homebuilding, travel, tourism and hospitality, people and city profiles, restaurants and dining. I’m also a copy editor/proofreader.

Knowles Chapel, Rollins College

Far from being a know-all writer who can impart the art and business wisdom of the ages concerning this craft, it’s a constant evolution and learning process for me. And that’s the great thing about being a writer: there’s always something new to learn and to help you grow. On my blog, I’ll share practical tips, musings, lessons learned and maybe some other interesting issues I hope you’ll enjoy.

So join me on my journey and feel free to leave comments (keep it clean, thank you very much). Hopefully, we can learn from each other.

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